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Iron and Copper: Wire Mesh in Different Materials

Aug. 18, 2021

As for wire mesh and mesh fences, the most common metal materials are iron, steel, copper, aluminum and zinc. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, here metal fence manufacturer shows you the details of steel wire mesh and copper wire mesh.


Plain or carbon steel in the wire mesh industry, plain or carbon steel, as it is sometimes called, is a very popular metal that is commonly manufactured in woven wire mesh and welded wire mesh sizes. It consists mainly of iron (Fe) and a small amount of carbon (C)

It is generally a relatively low cost option that is versatile enough to be used for a variety of applications, including window guards, vibrating screens and fireplace screens. In some cases, plain wire mesh is used in the mining and coal industries for gravel and stone separation.

Plain wire mesh, whether stock or custom manufactured, is strong and magnetic. Typically, it is dark in color, especially when compared to bright aluminum or stainless steel mesh. Of course, since it is steel, it will not resist corrosion and will rust in most atmospheric conditions. In some industries, plain steel wire mesh is a disposable item because of its strength and low cost.

Finally, there are times when plain steel is coated, usually as an aftermarket process. Cost-conscious customers who still need some level of corrosion protection may choose galvanized, PVC or powder coating, or even paint.

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Copper wire mesh is ductile, malleable and has high thermal and electrical conductivity. As a result, it is often used for RFI shielding, in Faraday cages or in electrical applications. Copper wire mesh is also durable in many types of applications. While it is softer than similar stainless steel wire mesh, it is also resistant to atmospheric corrosion, but is attacked by oxidizing agents such as nitric acid, ferric chloride and cyanide, as well as ammoniacal compounds.

The unique color of copper wire mesh also makes it an excellent choice for use in gutter guards or related residential projects, including fireplace screens, insect screens, and sometimes for critter control. Because of its deep amber red color, copper wire mesh remains a popular choice for artists and architects. In addition, when copper mesh is exposed to the atmosphere, it develops a patina, or a thin layer of green.


Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Like copper, brass is soft, malleable and attacked by ammonia and related salts. As a metal mesh, the most common woven brass mesh is known in some circles as "270 brass," which is chemically about 65% copper and 35% zinc." 260 High Brass", with a chemical composition of 70% copper, 30% zinc, is also popular in the wire mesh industry, especially for custom-made products.

The presence of zinc in woven brass wire mesh is important because it provides more abrasion resistance and higher tensile strength; it also hardens the mesh compared to softer woven brass wire mesh. For these reasons, brass wire mesh is commonly used in filtration and separation applications and in the manufacture of discs, especially where electrical conductivity is not important. In most cases, industrial grade woven brass wire mesh has a golden yellow color, a unique color that makes it attractive for decorative and even artistic applications.


In the wire mesh industry, commercial bronze wire mesh is an alloy that can usually be obtained from stock or through custom fabrication. Typically, the material chemistry of commercial bronze wire mesh is. 90% copper, 10% zinc.

Woven bronze wire mesh is superior to woven brass wire mesh in terms of resistance to atmospheric corrosion, which is one reason why woven bronze wire mesh is commonly used for insect screens. In addition, bronze woven wire mesh is stiffer and less ductile than copper woven wire mesh. It is used in industrial applications where separation or filtration is required, or by builders or architects for unique residential projects. Bronze wire mesh has a brownish red color and this industrial product is becoming increasingly popular for decorative and artistic applications.

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