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Where Can We Use Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Aug. 06, 2021

Stainless steel wire mesh is a very popular and versatile item that is used by many different customers for many different applications.YFR specializes in providing high quality stainless steel welded wire mesh containing T 304 stainless steel. Stainless steel welded wire mesh is corrosion resistant, has a uniform appearance, and is available from stock or custom manufactured.

In addition to the corrosion resistance and clean appearance of stainless steel, another benefit of choosing stainless steel welded wire mesh is that the mesh will remain intact and strong because the wires are physically welded at each intersection. The strong and consistent welds make stainless steel welded wire mesh ideal for general industrial use because welded wire mesh can be cut into smaller sizes such as rectangles, squares or discs without fraying, which can occur when manufactured from woven wire mesh.

Like virtually all wire mesh and wire cloth, stainless steel welded wire mesh is suitable for construction, agricultural, commercial and industrial applications. The following are some popular uses for T 304 SS and T 316 SS welded wire mesh:

T304 Welded wire mesh

Infill panels and railing systems;

Industrial fans and machine guards;

Animal cages;

Decorative signage;

Room dividers;

Wall cladding;

Ceiling panels;

Basket making;

Food applications;

Shelving and storage;

Grill and radiator covers;

Farm and agricultural applications;

Please find below a chart illustrating the standard chemical composition of T 304 stainless steel:

T-304 Stainless Steel – Standard Chemical Composition (in %)


Carbon [C]

Manganese [Mn]

Phosphorus [P]

Sulfur [S]

Silicon [Si]

Chromium [Cr]

Nickel [Ni]

Iron [Fe]

Others, if Applicable

T-304 SS

0.08 Max

2.0 Max

0.045 Max

0.03 Max

1.00 Max




Nitrogen [N] = 0.10 Max

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