358 High Security Welded Mesh

Product Description

358 High Security Welded Mesh is used in applications where higher security is required to protect your commercial and industrial property against risk and unwanted intruders.

The reason behind the added strength of 358 weld mesh over regular welded mesh is the increased amount of vertical and horizontal wires, making it impenetrable with standard wire or bolt cutters.

The 9mm wire aperture makes it impossible to get a finger hold, making it extremely difficult to climb.

When razor wire, anti-dig mesh and camera surveillance are added to 358 welded mesh fencing it offers immeasurable protection.



Railway yards


Commercial Properties

Features and Benefits

Difficult to cut

Difficult to climb

High Security

Added Strength & Durability

358 high security welded mesh is manufactured with Qijie (Galvanized) quality wire. Zalcote wire has a zinc/alloy coating which offers a four time lifespan greater life than heavy galvanized wire (W10Z).

Product Specifications

Example Only of Fencing Specification (We can supply any fencing specification)
PanelsClamp BarPost Section
Fence Height (m)Panel Size H x WWire Diameter (mm)Section FlatPost Centres (mm)RHS (mm)
1.81800 x 2515440*5248080*40
2.02000 x 2515440*5248080*40
2.42400 x 2515440*5248080*40
2.72700 x 2515440*5248080*40
3.03000 x 2515440*5248080*40
4.04000 x 2515440*52480100*60
5.25200 x 2515440*52480120*80
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