Architectural Welded Wire Fence

Product Description

Architectural Welded Wire Fence

QIJIE is China line of welded wire fence perfect for projects that require full visibility but need a more attractive profile than chain-link. This fence system provides unobstructed visibility, aesthetics and security while delivering a value added fencing solution.

The Qijie fence system is the new standard in welded wire fencing. With this product, Qijie has a fence solution that will reduce dependency on chain link. Qijie provides unobstructed visibility, aesthetics, and security while delivering a value added fencing solution.


Each Qijie panel has been designed with a series of architectural "V" folds, vital to the overall reinforcement and strength of the welded wire fence system. These fence panels are fabricated in a pattern of vertical and horizontal wires that are welded at each intersection. The unique design of Qijie provides strength and stability that is unmatched by typical chain link fence.


· Reinforced Design

· Easy Installation

· Unobstructed Visibility

· PermaCoat Maintenance Free Finish

· Meets Buy American Act

· 10 Year Limited Warranty

Specification Quick Look

Mesh: 2" X 6" / Wire Panel: 6ga

V-Folds: 3"

Posts: 2"sq x 16ga & 2.5"sq x 16ga

Heights: 4', 5', 6' & 8'

4 Architectual V-Folds

· Available in 8' height

3 Architectual V-Folds

· Available in 6' height

2 Architectual V-Folds

· Available in 4' and 5' heights


Architectural Welded Wire Fence

Swing Gates

Qijie manufactures swing gate to match the height and picket style of the chosen fence system.

Architectural Welded Wire Fence

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