BRC Wire Mesh

Product Description

BRC Wire Mesh / Welded Steel Wire Mesh

Material: Low Carbon Nil Steel Wire

Mesh Standard: M5145: 2001

Application: Mainly for building constration industry, raft foundation, reinforced concrete walls, floor slabs/staircases, toping reinforcement, infrastructure and precast concrete components.

Packing : 50 - 100 pcs / bundle

Characteristics: Welded solid, even surface, regular opening, its a kind of reinforcing mesh products by welded, in a kind of reinforing mesh products by welded, in which the horizontal and longitudinal steel bar are arranged by same distance and in right angelm all the cross points are welded together by high resistance force.


Roll / Coil BRC steel mesh is used primarily as anti-cracking reinforcement in the construction of brick and block masonry.

We produce a series constructional BRC steel mesh including expanded metal coil mesh for brickwork reinforcement in all types of buildings such as reinforcement of road, tunnel reinforcement, ground paving, swimming pools, concrete reinforcement and floor reinforcement.

Features and benefits of Coiled BRC steel mesh:-
– Economic transport;
– Ease and economy of storage space;
– Reduction of implementation time (high application performance);
– Installation does not require skilled labor;
– Quality ensured by the implementation in factory;
– Reduction of waste and failings.

Production Application

Uses : Industry, construction for civil use, wall, terrace, concrete, road, bridge, airport lance, tunnel, concrete pipe etc.

Price depends on quantity.

Standard Specifications

Roll form BRC Mesh
Specification ListWire Diameter (mm)
Code NameWidth x Length (m)
652m X 30m,35m,40m3.3mm – 3.6mm
662m X 30m,35m,40m3.0mm – 3.2mm
6102m X 30m,35m,40m2.0mm – 2.2mm
651.5m X 30m,40m3.3mm – 3.6mm
661.5m X 30m,40m3.0mm – 3.2mm
6101.5m X 40m,60m2.5mm – 2.8mm
33661.5m X 30m,40m3.0mm – 3.6mm
Technical Note:
1.Standard roll width 1.5m to 2.0m: length: 30m, 35m, 40m, 60m
2.Special sizes available at request
3.Packing: Custom packing available at request.

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