Cordguard V-mesh Fencing

Product Description

Cordguard V-mesh Fencing Panels Feature a V-shaped bend horizontally along the panels length to add extra strength and rigidity to the system.

Combining a rigid V-mesh panel with a box section fence post, V-mesh fencing systems are a simple yet highly efficient style of security fencing.

Horizontal "v" shaped beams give the panels extra rigidity

Mesh apertures generally 200mm x 50mm (approximately 100mm x 50mm at the beam area)

Non-standard panel designs are available (minimum production quantity required)

Produced from Galvanised wire to BS EN 10244-2: 2001 class D

Range of heights available from 1230mm* – 2430mm*

Panels are normally produced 3.00m wide (reducing installation & post costs by approx 20%, when compared with a 2.50m wide panel)

Nominal panel heights, actual panel heights may vary with design

Product Specifications

V Mesh Fencing
Fence HeightHeight x WidthNumber of beamsSectionOverall LengthNumber of fixings
mmmmper panelmmmmIntermediateCornerEnd
12001230×3000260 x 60 x 1.51800484
18001730×3000360 x 60 x 1.524005105
20001930×3000360 x 60 x 1.527006126
24002430×3000460 x 60 x 1.531007147


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