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Product Description

Qijie is a unique China made high security fence system providing an anti-climb, anti-penetrative barrier that is second-to-none. In addition, it has a virtually see through appearance that will blend into the surrounding environment.

Now introducing the ASF P/L developed Qijie HD – An Extra Heavy Duty anti-climb wire mesh, with an aperture of 71mm x 9mm, with 5.6mm vertical line wires. Securemax® HD sets a new benchmark in security barrier fencing! More information is available in the download section below.


Bridge anti-climb guarding & guard safety screening

Sub-station Security Fencing

Psychiatric hospital security fencing

Prison Security Fencing

Factory Machine guards

Walkway security fencing

Airport security fencing

Qijie 358 gates

Shipping Port Security fencing

Electrical sub-station fencing

Water Treatment works

Gas pipelines Security Fence

High security window grilles

Balustrades Security Fence

Numerous others Commercial/Industrial Security Fence uses

Why use Qijie 358 Security Fencing to secure your premises?

Our extensive knowledge and experience within the security industry has helped with the design and development of the Qijie 358, a high security anti-climb mesh fencing system, otherwise known as 358 or prison mesh. Qijie 358 provides maximum security for perimeter security fence protection. The mesh aperture of 71mm x 9mm manufactured from 4mm diameter wire makes it extremely difficult to penetrate using conventional hand tools, therefore providing a high delay factor. Whilst maintaining a high level of security, Qijie 358 security fencing has a low visual impact on the surrounding environment. Unique to the system is two additional reinforcement wires located 37.5mm from the edge of each panel. This allows for easy adjustment of panel widths and increased security around the fixings. The finger/toe-proof mesh aperture makes for a totally secure, superior anti-climb fencing system that’s difficult to cut or climb whilst maintaining a clear level of sight through the horizontal aperture from any angle.

Qijie 358 Security Fencing for a total system

This is a total system utilising double C section adjustable posts with specific tamper proof security fixings and clips. Securemax® 358 security fencing is available in single or double skin for ultimate protection. All gates and accessories, together with an Electric Detection System (EDS) make a total security fencing package.

Qijie HD

ASF P/L has now developed the Qijie HD for extra heavy duty security fencing. The Qijie HD caters for those locations where extreme high strength is needed. An Extra Heavy Duty wire mesh, having an aperture of 71mm x 9mm, with 5.6mm Vertical line wires, Qijie HD sets a new benchmark in security barrier fencing.

ASF are industry leaders in high-security fencing and perimeter control systems. Our experienced and highly-qualified team will offer you a comprehensive and professional service. Contact us today to secure your property!

Example Only of Fencing Specification (We can supply any fencing specification)
PanelsClamp BarPost Section
Fence Height (m)Panel Size H x WWire Diameter (mm)Section FlatPost Centres (mm)RHS (mm)
1.81800 x 2515440*5248080*40
2.02000 x 2515440*5248080*40
2.42400 x 2515440*5248080*40
2.72700 x 2515440*5248080*40
3.03000 x 2515440*5248080*40
4.04000 x 2515440*52480100*60
5.25200 x 2515440*52480120*80
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