Reinforcement mesh

Product Description

Reinforcement meshes for Germany


We offer reinforcing bar steel B500B according to DIN 488 in commercial lengths, as hot-rolled and ribbed stock with diameters of 6–40 mm. We have various forms of reinforcing mesh (B500A and B500B) in compliance with DIN 488 in stock – as ready-welded mesh made of ribbed, patterned and cold-formed bar steel of ductility class A or as hot-rolled rebar steel of ductility class B with diameters of 6–12 mm. When it comes to concrete reinforcing wire, our customers can choose between patterned (B500A+P) and smooth (B500A+G) versions compliant with DIN 488.


Our standard meshes are produced to provide reinforcement in an exactly pre-determined arrangement and with standardised dimensions. They are produced from cold-ribbed and drawn reinforcing steel.   Standard meshes are approved for use in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland.


Standard Specification

Mechanical properties
DuctilityYield strengthRatioElongation
class Re ( N/mm2 ) Rm / Re Agt ( % )
 B500A≥ 500 ≥ 1,05≥ 2,5


Reinforcement meshes, type Q to DIN 488 - Dimensions

TypWeightLengthWire count x ØWidthWire count x ØMesh openingFree endsNumber
per mesh(mm)(number) x(mm)(number) x(mm)(mm)per stack
Q188 A41,70600040 x 6230016 x 6150150257550
Q257 A56,80600040 x 7230016 x 7150150257540
Q335 A74,30600040 x 8230016 x 8150150257530
Q424A84,40600040 x 923004x7150150257530
Q524 A100,90600040 x 1023004x7150150257520
Q636 A132,00600048 x 1023504x71001252562,520


Type R mesh
TYPEØDimensionsCentersWeightPieces /Weight

L x B (mm)(mm)Kg/pieceBundleKg/Bundle
R 188 A6/66000 x 2300150 - 25033,57501.679
R 257 A7/66000 x 2300150 - 25041,25502.063
R 335 A8/66000 x 2300150 - 25050,17402.007
R 424 A9/86000 x 2300150 - 25067,21302.016
R 524 A10/86000 x 2300150 - 25075,70302.271

86 133 1515 2425 870110354