Roll Top Bottom Fence

Product Description

Roll top bottom fence is also known as welded mesh panel fence or BRC fence. It is made by welding the wires of the fence together using electrical fusion, creating a rolled top and bottom with no sharp edges. This feature makes it safe for use in places where safety is a major concern.

Additionally, the fence is typically made from high tensile strength steel wires which enhances its rigidity.

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Advantages of Roll Top Bottom Fence

● High durability

The fence's unique structure helps it to retain its strength for an extended period.

● Requires minimal maintenance work

The surface of the fence is hot-dipped galvanised or coated with polyester powder. On top of improving the durability of the fence, it also minimises the need for maintenance.

● Easy to install

The roll top bottom fencing systems come with pre-drilled fence posts and panel clips. This helps to quicken the installation process and makes the fence easy to assemble.

● Customisable

The height and width of the fence can be tailored to suit the specific needs of each project.

Common Applications of Roll Top Bottom Fence

Roll top bottom fences are generally used as a secure fencing system; they act as fence barricades to prevent unauthorised access to certain areas.

It is also commonly used in places like:

● Construction sites

● Residential areas

● Commercial or industrial areas

● Car parks

● Electrical rooms

● Foreign workers dormitories

● Storage depots

Product Specifications

Fence (FA Series) Specification (mm)Fence (FB Series) Specification (mm)
HeightLengthWire DiameterMesh OpeningHeightLengthWire DiameterMesh Opening
9002400550(W) X 150(H)9002400425(W) X 75(H)
86 133 1515 2425 870110354