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What Should be Paid Attention to When Laying Steel Mesh?

Jun. 23, 2021

Reinforcing Steel Mesh is a new type of building wall material. The welding technology of steel mesh is used in many construction projects because of its unique performance and technology. At present, steel mesh is widely used in reinforced concrete and other industries. Steel mesh has made considerable progress in the construction industry and is well received by customers!

Stainless Steel Mesh

Stainless Steel Mesh

Because the steel mesh itself is welded by low-carbon steel wire and Stainless Steel Mesh, the steel mesh is different from traditional building materials. The steel mesh has strong hardness and rigidity, and the house reinforced with steel mesh is corrosion-resistant. In terms of impact resistance, it has good stability and good performance. Secondly, compared with traditional building materials, steel mesh has stronger durability and good aging resistance. In addition, because the steel mesh has good elasticity, uniform spacing and strong welding points, the steel mesh has a wide range of applications. The steel mesh can play a role in the beautification and protection of the construction industry and walls. Due to the excellent quality of the steel mesh, during the construction process, the steel mesh can stabilize the structure of the building and speed up the construction progress.

Before laying the steel mesh, a plan for installing the steel mesh should be made. When laying steel mesh, the actual requirements of the site should be recorded according to the actual requirements of the on-site personnel. When the construction steel is thick and the welded mesh is not easy to bend and twist, you can weld 1-2 construction steel bars on the top of the steel mesh, and then insert both sides into the beam for better stability. At present, the commonly used steel mesh is made of CRB600H cold rolled ribbed steel bars and CRB550 cold steel bars. The bottom mesh of the steel mesh accepts two methods of inserting the erect steel mesh and the mat. The steel mesh is outside the 1/4 clear span area on the side of the beam, and the connection length should not be less than 30dd. If the length exceeds 30dd, it means the steel mesh The overlapping part is too heavy, and the size of the steel should not be less than 250 mm. When the diameter of the longitudinally stressed steel bars in the reinforcement mesh overlap area is d≥10, the overlap length of the reinforcement mesh should be increased to 5d.

Steel mesh is generally used in my country's electricity, transportation, water conservancy, housing and municipal projects, and the demand for steel mesh is gradually increasing.

Stainless Steel Security Screens generally do not require much labor, so the construction cost is reduced a lot, and with the gradual popularization of the level of mechanization, I believe that in the near future, the laying of steel mesh is no longer a professional manual laying, and it can be done with machines. Laying reduces the safety of personnel while also reducing labor costs.

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