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Do You Know The Use Of Reinforced Mesh In Bridge Construction?

Apr. 23, 2021

All the intersections of the Reinforcement Steel Mesh are welded grids. The welding of the reinforcement mesh is made by a special GWC welding mesh machine. The welding process is automatically controlled by the computer. The welding seam is uniform and the welding quality is good. The mechanical properties of the reinforcement before and after welding are almost unchanged.

Reinforcement Steel Mesh

Reinforcement Steel Mesh

The application of reinforced mesh in the construction of bridges. It is mainly used in the deck pavement of city bridges and highway bridges, the reconstruction of old bridge decks, and the prevention and treatment of bridge pier cracks. The quality inspection of thousands of domestic bridges has shown that the use of reinforced mesh is significant The quality of the bridge deck pavement layer is improved, the pass rate of the protective layer thickness is more than 97%, the bridge deck flatness is improved, the bridge deck is almost free of cracks, the pavement speed is increased by more than 50% and the bridge deck pavement project is reduced by about 10% cost. Welded mesh or pre-refrigerated rolled ribbed steel bars should be used for the bridge deck pavement reinforcement. Bundled steel bars should not be used. The diameter and the spacing of the steel bars used for bridge deck pavement should be determined by the bridge structure and load level. It is 100 ~ 200mm, the diameter is preferably 600mm, the longitudinal and transverse directions of the steel mesh should be kept at equal intervals, and the thickness of the protective layer from the surface of the welding, the mesh should be below 20mm.

Concrete Reinforcement Mesh, ribbed steel mesh in the shotcrete helps to increase the shear and bending strength of the shotcrete, improve the punching resistance and bending resistance of the concrete, improve the integrity of the shotcrete and reduce the shrinkage cracks To prevent partial shedding, the reinforcement mesh is arranged in a rectangular shape, the spacing of the reinforcement mesh is 150 ~ 300mm and the specifications of the combinable reinforcement mesh are 100 ~ 200mm, 150mm × 150mm, 200mm × 200mm, 200mm × 250mm, 250mm × 300mm, 300mm × 300mm, the overlap length of the reinforced mesh sheet must be less than or equal to 50d, the thickness of the sprayed concrete a protective layer of the reinforced mesh should be less than 20mm when using double-layer reinforced mesh, The spacing should be less than or equal to 60mm.

According to the technical regulations, according to the technical regulations, the welded mesh should be made of Crb 550 cold-rolled ribbed steel bars, or Crb 510 cold drawn surface steel bars. A welded wire mesh is best welded with the same type of steel bar. According to the shape and specification, it is divided into two types: stereotypes and customized. The spacing and diameter of the reinforcing steel in the two directions of the shaped welded mesh can be different, but the reinforcing steel in the same direction should have the same diameter, interval and length. determine.

The diameter of the welded steel bar is 4-14mm, of which 0.5mm diameter can be used. Considering the transportation conditions, the length of the welded wire should not exceed 12m and the width should not exceed 3.4m. 150, 200mm, the rebar spacing in the opposite direction is generally 100, 150, 200, 300mm, up to 400mm. When the vertical and horizontal welded steel bars are a single steel bar, the nominal diameter of the thin steel bar is more than 0.6 times the nominal diameter of the thick steel bar, dmin≥0.6damx. The sheer force (unit n) of the welding point of the welding, the grid must be greater than or equal to 150 times the product of the nominal cross-sectional area of the thick rebar.

The advantages of reinforced mesh, significantly improve the quality of reinforced steelworks. Significantly improve the construction speed, improve the crack resistance of concrete. Comprehensive economic benefits. If necessary, you can contact our Resistant Reinforcement Mesh Supplier.

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