Double Wire Fencing

Product Description

double wire fencing

The double wire fence package is custom made to the dimensions of your garden. You can specify the size of your garden below and we will ensure that the right materials are delivered. Our fence systems are designed so that you can easily assemble them yourself. The double wire package is delivered with double wire panels and posts - the package can be expanded with optional products according to your wishes. If you want to fence in several areas, you need to order the fences separately so that the right materials are delivered.


Everything you need with this double wire fence package

Our double wire fence is a popular choice for a garden fence due to the thin steel bars which optically add a lot of space to a garden. The double wire fencing package is adjusted to the dimensions of your garden and consists of:


double wire 6/5/6, 2 m wide per panel and height of your choice

Posts to which the panels are attached, based on the indicated meters and the number of angles

Cover caps for each post

Fastening materials: spacers, bolts/nuts

Optional parts:

Qijie installation kit for securing the panels in the ground

Quick concrete mortar for securing the panels in the ground

Concrete mortar for securing the panels in the ground

Baseplate when the posts cannot be anchored in the ground


Double wire

Double wire fencing consists of mesh wires that are welded together. A standard double wire fence from Qijie consists of one wire on the inside and two wires that are attached on each side of the inner wire. The inner wire has a thickness of 5mm and the outer wire has a thickness of 6mm (hence the term 6/5/6).


The open spaces in the fence are called meshes. These meshes are standard 5cm wide and 20cm high. Because the mesh width of the fencing is so limited, and the twin-wire fencing has spikes on top, it becomes very difficult for unwelcome people to climb over the fence meaning it offers a high level of security.


The steel construction provides a lot of strength and as the wire is provided with a Zinc layer, they are very resistant to weather influences. This ensures that the fence is virtually maintenance-free and lasts for a very long time.

Complete package double wire fence

The double wire fence panel consists of a rod and posts. Our posts are 60cm longer than the fence. This extra 60cm is needed to place the post deep in the ground so that the entire fence is stable.

To make it easier, we offer a complete package for the double wire fence. This package includes standard double wire, the right posts and the required fastening material. Please enter the dimensions of your garden and our configurator then calculates exactly how much material you need. Finally, you will receive the complete package at your home, which you can assemble quickly and easily yourself.

What is a double wire fence?

A double wire fence consists of three iron bars: two horizontal bars and one vertical bar. The panels are produced from galvanised wire, welded and provided with a coating. The galvanisation and coating ensure that the fence is protected against weather conditions so that the fence will not rust. This ensures that the fence will stay in good shape and is a long time investment.

The fence panels are available in sizes 6/5/6, where the horizontal bars have a diameter of 6mm and the vertical bar has a diameter of 5mm. The panels are 2m wide, therefore it easy to measure how many panels you will need.

The twin-wire fence panel is available in different heights, so you can adjust the fence exactly to your garden. The available heights are:

· 103cm

· 123cm

· 143cm

· 183cm

Fences are offered in standard RAL colours: RAL 9005 black and RAL 6005 green.


Double wire panels

Qijie guarantees that you get double wire fence for the best price and in the highest quality. This way your double wire fence will last a long time and can be seen as a long time investment.


Decoration and accessories

In addition to the fence panels, you also need posts to install the fence. For securing the posts in the ground, a Kongcrete installation kit, quick concrete or concrete mortar is required. As a result, the posts and the fence are firmly achored in the ground, which extends the service life of the fence.


Finally, you can finish the fence to your taste by choosing the following additions:


A single leaf gate

A double leaf gate

Panel screen strips

A footplate

An L footplate

Qijie specialises in fencing and is the best choice when it comes to choosing your garden fence. We are happy to advise you on our wide range of garden fences, from decorative fences to metal fences, and help you make the right choice step by step. If a double wire fence is the right choice for your garden, then click here to measure easily and quickly what material you require.


Additions to your fence

If you want to restrict access to your garden even more then you can order a matching double leaf or single leaf gate that provides a nice and safe entryway to your garden. We offer gates suitable for the double wire so that it fits perfectly with your garden fence.

If you appreciate your privacy, then panel screen strips are a unique way to nicely close off your fence from people looking through. These plastic strips can easily be threaded through your fence so that the fence is closed meaning you can enjoy your privacy to the fullest. You can also plant climbing plants that will cover the fence over time and limit the view of your garden.

Need help with ordering?

Our advisors are happy to answer any questions and help to order your new fence. Feel free to contact us or ask a quick question via chat.

Standard Specifications

630, 830, 1030, 1230, 1430, 1630, 1830, 2030,2430, 2660, 2860, 3030, 3460, 3660, 3860, 4060, 4460, 4860, 5060, 5460, 5660, 6060mm

Panel Width

Mesh Size
200 x 50mm

Wire Diameter
6mm (verticals) and 2 x 8mm (horizontals) (also available in 6/5/6mm)

Top Edge Projection
30mm (Can be inverted for flush edges)

60 x 40mm RHS to 120 x 60mm RHS dependant on height

Flat Clamp Bars
40 x 5mm

Post Centres

HeightPost CentresVertical WireHorizontal WireMesh PatternPost Section
0.43 mtr – 2.23 mtr2.525 mtr / 3.025 mtr5mm2 x 6mm200mm x 50mm60mm x 40mm
2.43 mtr – 3.68 mtr2.525 mtr / 3.025 mtr5mm2 x 6mm200mm x 50mm80mm x 40mm
3.88 mtr – 4.48 mtr2.525 mtr / 3.025 mtr5mm2 x 6mm200mm x 50mm100mm x 50mm
5.00 mtr – 6.00 mtr2.525 mtr / 3.025 mtr5mm2 x 6mm200mm x 50mm120mm x 60mm

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