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Economic Benefit Analysis of Reinforced Mesh

Feb. 25, 2021

Nowadays, the competition in the Reinforcement Wire Mesh industry is becoming increasingly fierce. In such a large environment, development is not easy, and continuous innovation and improvement are needed to gain a place in the industry. There is no doubt that professionalism and advanced, strong technical capabilities and technological processes are the key to the development of steel mesh. The use of steel mesh for construction can ensure the quality of the project. The mesh structure of the steel mesh is strictly controlled by the factory, and the production of the steel mesh is exclusively controlled by the factory. Some smart production lines are strictly controlled.

Reinforcement Wire Mesh

Reinforcement Wire Mesh

Benefit analysis of steel mesh

(1) Engineering quality

The steel mesh is manufactured in the factory through strict quality control and is produced by a fully automatic intelligent production line. Therefore, the size, specifications and quality of the steel mesh are strictly controlled. The steel mesh produced has high rigidity and good quality. The flexibility of using Concrete Reinforcing Steel Mesh for construction can exceed the firmness of the entire project.

(2) Improve construction quality

The longitudinal and transverse steel bars of the steel mesh have good bonding and anchoring properties, and the load is evenly distributed, which greatly improves the seismic and crack resistance of construction projects. The strength of the steel mesh is 220N/mm, and the design strength is 370N/mm. According to the principle of equal strength replacement, you will find that using steel mesh can save more than 25% of the number of steel bars. In addition, after the steel mesh is transported to the construction site, it can be laid directly without further processing, which greatly saves construction time and can ensure construction quality.

The application of steel mesh in China is still in its infancy. At present, the proportion of steel mesh in China is less than 1/10. However, with the development of China's infrastructure construction, capital investment in infrastructure construction has increased, and the strategy of developing the western region is also being implemented, and economic construction is about to enter a new stage.

In addition, according to relevant surveys, infrastructure construction such as electricity, transportation, water conservancy, housing and municipal engineering has tripled. Reinforced mesh is a steel mesh product made of longitudinal and transverse steel bars, and all intersections are welded together. The use of steel mesh can increase the construction speed, and the use of steel mesh can save 50%-70% of the working time and speed up the project The schedule has shortened the construction period. Therefore, the development trend of China's steel mesh industry is continuing to rise.

The development of steel mesh products is continuing. I believe that with the continuous improvement of my country’s economic strength, my country’s construction industry will continue to develop, so that the demand for steel mesh will also be higher, which will further promote my country’s economic development. The cyclic process is also a process of continuous development.

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