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The Advantages Of Steel Mesh Can Be Divided Into Several Aspects?

Mar. 16, 2021

Nowadays, the competition in the Reinforced Mesh Industry is becoming more and more fierce. In such a large environment, development is not easy, but it takes continuous innovation and improvement to have a place in the industry. There is no doubt that professionalism, advanced technology, Strong technical capabilities and technological processes are the key to the development of steel mesh. The use of steel mesh for construction can ensure the quality of the project. The mesh structure of the steel mesh is strictly controlled by the factory, and the production of steel mesh is intelligent the system production line is completed.

The reinforced mesh can speed up construction progress. The reinforced mesh can make project construction more convenient. As long as the reinforced mesh is arranged in accordance with the regulations, concrete can be poured directly. The reinforced mesh does not need to be cut on-site but only needs to be laid according to the construction drawings. Therefore, the steel mesh can save 50%-70% of the working time, speed up the project progress, shorten the construction period, the steel mesh has good ductility, consistent spacing accuracy and higher electric welding compressive strength. The steel mesh can further improve the construction quality of the project.

Reinforced Mesh

Reinforced Mesh

It is understood from Reinforcement Mesh Manufacturers that in modern China, because of the rapid development of the construction industry, some large and medium-sized real estate developers will use steel mesh and other meshes when constructing houses, workshops and other places. The use of steel mesh has been widely promoted in the construction industry. The advantages of steel mesh can be divided into the following aspects:

Reinforced mesh has an anti-cracking function: the longitudinal and transverse ribs of the reinforced mesh constitute a porous structure, so the reinforced mesh bonded to the concrete has strong anchoring capacity and can be symmetrically distributed, which greatly drives the seismic resistance of the concrete structure Performance and anti-cracking function. According to the editor’s investigation, it is found that the steel mesh is compared with the manually tied steel. The construction of the steel mesh on the road can reduce the incidence of cracks by 75%.

Reinforced mesh saves the amount of construction steel: Many currently used construction steels have a compressive strength value of 210N/mm, while the compressive strength of Concrete Reinforcement Mesh is 360N/mm. According to the equivalent compressive strength substitution rule, Taking into account the inductance, the use of steel mesh can save about 30-20% of the construction steel. Moreover, after the steel mesh is shipped to the construction site, it does not need to be processed again and can be used directly. 

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