358 Welded Mesh High Security Fencing

Product Description

Qijie Company Supplies provides excellent quality security fencing from our main factories in China. Our 358 welded mesh is an aesthetically pleasing welded mesh fencing system used for high security applications. Qijie Company manufactures and supplies the full range of 358 welded mesh systems, in both hot dipped galvanised and powdercoated finishes. We manufacture from 1200mm high right through to 6000mm in height. 358 welded mesh is typically manufactured from a 4.00mm diameter wire, with the aperture 71 x 9.00mm.

Our 358 mesh fencing system has been developed to enhance the industry accepted 358 mesh market with new innovative perimeter posts, mesh, toppings and gates. 358 welded mesh fencing has close spaced steel mesh provides maximum security by being extremely difficult to climb or penetrate using normal hand tools and yet has a minimal visual impact on the surrounds and an important clear line of horizontal sight. All 358 welded mesh security fence systems can be specified using either post and rail systems or successfully utilized as rail-less structures depending on the end use security level requirements.

Product Specifications

Example Only of Fencing Specification (We can supply any fencing specification)
PanelsClamp BarPost Section
Fence Height (m)Panel Size H x WWire Diameter (mm)Section FlatPost Centres (mm)RHS (mm)
1.81800 x 2515440*5248080*40
2.02000 x 2515440*5248080*40
2.42400 x 2515440*5248080*40
2.72700 x 2515440*5248080*40
3.03000 x 2515440*5248080*40
4.04000 x 2515440*52480100*60
5.25200 x 2515440*52480120*80


● Bridge anti-climb guarding & guard safety screening

● Sub-station security fencing

● Psychiatric hospital security fencing

● Prison security fencing

● Factory machine guards

● Walkway security fencing

● Airport security fencing

● Shipping port security fencing

● Electrical sub-station fencing

● Water treatment works

● Gas pipelines security fence

● High security window grilles

● Numerous others commercial/industrial security fence uses

● SpeHigh strength medium weight.

● Easier faster installation – clear access for mesh attachment.

● Flat web for more versatile attachment of topping extensions etc.

● Curved corner option for improved aesthetics and reduced climb-ability.

● Optional rail-less fencing for reduced material and installation costs.

● High security yet low cost, low visual impact.

● Innovative topping extensions.

● Adaptable to all forms of mesh, expanded metal or perforated sheet.

● One piece 90° corner construction.

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