Roll Top Security Fence

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Roll Top Profile Security Fence

Welded Security Fence

Our company is one of the pioneers in China that manufacture welded security fences Varies from Roll Top Profiled Security Fence to Top Grade Premium 358 Prison Mesh and has been penetrated into the Domestic and International market. The main features of these fences will be its High Deterrent Factor, its Durability Factor and its Landscaping features which make it virtually the most suitable replacement to the common Chain-Link Fencing.

Our welded security fence is a mechanically sturdy and durable products which features of good performance, durability, anti-corrosion and yet meeting all visual purpose.

Since welded security fence become a mature & accepted fencing product throughout the world, it can now be supplied in form of flat panel, Rolled Top Profiled, V-Press Profiled (V-Crest), Double Wires, Anti Climb & Cut (358 Prison Mesh) to strengthen the characteristic of the products and the requirements from customers.

Rolled Top Profiled Security Fence

Qijie is a decorative fencing solution for attractive and design oriented without losing the strength and security of the fencing system.


Public Transportation Stations & Boundary, Gardening, Condominium, Home Security Boundary, Leisure and Recreational Parks & Places that required medium security level etc.


Diameter4.00mm – 8.00mm
Pitch50mm x 150mm, 50mm x 200mm, 75mm x 200mm, 75mm x 300mm, 75mm x 450mm etc
MaterialMild Steel Bright Hard Drawn Wire, Heavy Galvanized Wire, Galfan Wire etc
CoatingHot Dipped Galvanized (After Welding Process)  which comply to BS EN 1461:2009
Or Powder Coating (Variety choices of colors)
Tensile Strength550 – 770 N/mm2
Weld Shear Strength50-75% of parent material
Height900mm – 3000mm
Width2200mm – 3000mm
ProfileRoll Top Profiled, or additional V-Press Profiled
AccessoriesSHS Post or RHS Post, U-Clip, Bolt & Nuts, Flat Bar etc


Fencing Products from Qijie are conform to BS EN 10218-2:2012 and BS EN 10223-7: 2012

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