3D Fence

Product Description

3D fence is a welded mesh panel fence that is manufactured by welding steel wires together using electrical fusion. The fence features v-shaped bends along its panels, providing it with additional rigidity and stability.

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Advantages of 3D Fence

● Anti-climb

The structure of the fence makes it hard for intruders to have a handhold, discouraging them from climbing into unauthorised areas.

● Anti-cut

The anti-cut property of the fence makes it difficult for intruders to cut through the wires and trespass onto the area.

● High tensile strength

This allows the fence to withstand harsh conditions without breaking.

● Good visibility

The mesh structure of the fence provides an unimpaired view of the surroundings. This is particularly important for clear camera surveillance in high security areas.

Prevents small animals from slipping through the fence

Common Applications of 3D Fence

● Airport terminals

● Schools

● Army camps

● Prison

● Storage depots

● Factories

Product Specifications

V Crest Fence Specification (mm)
HeightLengthWire DiameterMesh Opening
120024004 or 525(W) X 75(H)
2100240050(W) X 150(H)
*Customised fences are available based on the number of V crest that the customer requires.
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