Stainless Steel Woven Mesh

Product Description

Stainless Steel Woven Mesh

stainless steel WOVEN MESH

Stainless steel is the optimum solution for your woven mesh needs. By selecting stainless steel you will utilise its numerous benefits including:

 Long term performance
 Minimal maintenance
 Life cycle costing
 Low environmental impact

Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh is manufactured by weaving longitudinal and transverse wires together. Commercial / Industrial grade mesh also known as wire cloth and gauze is extensively used for:

· Industry for filtration, screening / sieving and food pressing/ drying

· Industry for Hollander Mesh & Bolting Cloth

· Architecture for function and appearance both internally and externally

· Bushfire Mesh part of your solution to bushfire protection

· Window & Door Mesh part of your solution for stopping insects, intruders & embers


Mesh500 inch per lineal inch (fine mesh) to 1 inch per lineal to (coarse mesh)
WeavePlain, Twill, Lock Crimp & Inter Crimp Weave
Grade304 & 316
Length x Width2m Rolls / Sheets x 1245mm width
10m length x 1550mm width rolls
30m length x 1245mm, 1550mm and 1830mm width rolls

Minimum Sale Quantities
915mm, 1220mm & 1245mm width  – 2 lineal meters. Then sold in multiples of 1 metre.
1550mm width  – 10 lineal meters. Then sold in multiples of 10 metres.
^ Sold 30m roll only.

China’s largest stockist of stainless steel wire & mesh

We have the largest and most comprehensive China of stainless steel wire and mesh in our purpose laid out warehouse with over: 350 stainless steel woven mesh specifications including mill finish, black powder coated, hollander mesh & bolting cloth in 30m, 10m, 5m & 2m rolls in varying widths


Testing / Standards


Our Stainless Steel Woven Mesh is manufactured to ASTM E2016-15 ‘Standard Specification for Industrial Woven Wire Cloth’.


Design & Install Considerations


Practical information for your consideration.



Architectural Mesh

If the mesh is being used externally for aesthetic purposes, to minimise tea staining please evaluate if the mesh is to be pickled, passivated and electropolished.



Care & Maintenance

Stainless steel is a low maintenance material, but not maintenance free. Refer to our CARE page for further information.


Standard Specification

QJ-00026 1226500500.0260.025122063162626
QJ-00034 1226400490.0340.03122073162834
QJ-00043 122632548.50.0430.035122073163043
QJ-00045 1226300480.0450.04122093162845
QJ-00062 1226250480.0620.04122073163762
QJ-00077 1226200470.0770.05122093163777
QJ-00077 1556200470.0770.051550113163777
QJ-00091 1226180470.0910.05122083164291
QJ-00104 122615045.50.1040.06512201231638104
QJ-00104 155615045.50.1040.06515501531638104
QJ-00132 1226120440.1320.0812201431639132
QJ-00132 1556120440.1320.0815501831639132
QJ-00154 1246100420.1540.112451931637154
QJ-00154 1556100420.1540.115502431637154
QJ-00193 124680390.1930.12512452431637193
QJ-00193 155680390.1930.12515503031637193
QJ-00223 124670380.2230.1412453031637193
QJ-00223 155670380.2230.1415503331638223
QJ-00250 124660370.250.17412453531634250
QJ-00250 155660370.250.17415504331634250
QJ-00263 12466037.50.2630.1612452931639263
QJ-00318 12465036.50.3180.1912453531639318
QJ-00318 15565036.50.3180.1915504331639318
QJ-00415 124640340.4150.2212453731643415
QJ-00415 155440340.4150.2215504630443415
QJ-00415 155640340.4150.2215504631643415
QJ-00547 124430300.5470.312455230442547
QJ-00547 124630300.5470.312455231642547

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